Da Fly D-Ex, Wax Murdaraz Mix Show part 1

Da Fly D-Ex, Wax Murdaraz Mix Show part 1

Radio dj and on-air personality, (Da Fly) D-Ex of the Wax Murdaraz, performs a live mix and turntablism on 88.1FM.

This live mix session was part of a weekly 2hour hiphop show that aired every Friday night from 9-11pm at The Larry J. Weir Center for Independent Media, in the heart of St. Louis’ Grand Center Arts District, in St. Louis, MO. This building is also the home to The Stage at KDHX and Magnolia Cafe.

I would like to give kudos to Sara A. Finke for her visually aesthetic photographs of the LJWC (Larry J. Weir Center). This is a photo gallery of the exterior and interior of this beautiful designed building. If you would like to see a full album of amazing pics of the new KDHX studios at the LJWC visit Sara
Finke’s flickr website.

The dj in the video, Da Fly D-Ex, is preserving the art form of one of the 9 elements of HipHop, which is of course, deejaying and turntablism.

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