YbZoGo makin noise from Sacramento California

One of this week’s featured hip hop artists is YbZoGo. This guy has a unique sound that could garner a lot of attention nationwide and also over seas. If you are familiar with American rap artists then YbZoGo has a definite West Coast accent that distinguishes him from artists from the south and the east coast which would make the market more diverse with regional sounds reminiscent of the “golden age” of Hiphop.

The name of the featured song is “5. 3, 4, 5”,  (Feat. Local$tar & Kumandae)

YbZoGo’s Bio:

It was California’s Purple Valley that Rap/Hip-Hop artist YbZo Goldenchild has carefully aged his craft over the last decades. His roots originated near the scenic landscapes and vineyards of “ Northern Golden Purple Country.” However, his creative growth was always tested by tribulation. He’s had to overcome many difficult “growing seasons” to produce Some of his beautifulest Slaps of hip hop and finely aged Creamery.

YbZoGo, was born in Stockton, California… yet was raised in Sacramento. The third of eleven siblings, YbZo was the seed like DMX that didn’t need much to Succeed . “I was blessed , raised by both my Father and Mother ,” YbZoGo reminisces.” I was taught to move in Silence to be a Black King, Prince to always rise above the abject poverty that surrounded him.

As a child, YbZoGo grew up on , around notoriously crime- ridden blocks ,” and it challenged him. “I was taught to move in silence among violence,” he explains. While he may have remained somewhat silent for years, YbZoGo is now making noise in the form of Slaps , Blaps and Rhymes , Clothing Apparel and Short Films.

Since elementary school, YbZoGo has been mesmerized by the rap game music legends , that he now understands was a part of his education and growth with my own music , He elaborates, “ everyday listening to Tupac., Nas ,DMX – E40 , Too $hort They inspired the hustle blueprints I still do to this day ! My love of music made me listen to anything “I must admit,” adds YbZoGo, “ I was inspired by ILL individuals – Chef Raekwons, Ghostface , Scarface, Ice Cube , Ice T, Snoop Doggy Etc.

Musical Career

YbZoGo’s musical career began in the Late 90’s , when he worked with C.C.H. (Capital City Hustlers) on ” High Speed “, and again in 2000 on the album ( We Bubblin ). It was YbZoGo’s first real trip into the Local music scenes of northern /central/southern California . He also worked with C.C.H. on 4u2Trip’s ( Paper Route ) CD – entitled “100’s & 50’s.”
Filthy Silk was the first Cd – YbZoGo created with Sh.e partners , Known as ” Silk ” on this project , We hustle this CD From California to Seattle, Arizona and Texas as we progress the project start falling apart , and this is How the Name the Goldenchild came about . . YbZoGo explains
A , “GOldenChild meant that I was the last one left from my generation and style.” As GOldenChild, I released CD, ( The Gift ) with longtime friend E-moe of pay style music .
A 2nd CD released with UmojaEntertainment ( He’s No Item ) this Cd was created with talented local Sacramento and Bay Area artist .

I’m told YbZoGo, that time has passed for me – that is too late – I’m always Like – I Love this Music , you couldn’t , wouldn’t understand . “I’m the last artist out of the whole crew of talented MCs that stayed true to the game , always mack-in and stack-in , politicking , CCH hustling .” explains YbZoGo.

In 2012, YbZoGo released his first solo CD called ( Late Bloom$). The project was the result of blessings from a chosen few artist – such as Local$tar, beat-maker/rapper from Alaska , Kumandae R&B singer , R&B diva Jimmie Reign , Tre Macc , Flossalini , Raw SyL , Dank funk , Doug Smith , and the Very Talented Infinity of StarCity records .

In 2014, YbZoGo formed his own record label, SilentHandzEntertainment and is continuing to produce new albums/cds. What began over a decade ago from a tiny seed of potential within YbZo has now become an actual hybrid ready for harvest within YbZoGo. It stems out of a lifetime of struggle, it flourishes from hardened soil into something from nothing. Sh.E working – over time, YbZoGo has produced many different candies and purple melodies for the ears and brain waves to soak – Blessings to Life To all walks of Life
Sh.E we all Around the World
Bless the Movement

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