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Unsigned Affiliate Artists

The music industry is a creative industry that is garnering a lot of attention for unsigned, underground and independent artists all over the world. Point Blank Entertainment has recorded numerous songs for quite a few recording artists at Hedd Nodd Studios. Some of the Artists include Kamilah, J-Soul, Tha X-Fakta, 59 M.O.B Official, Karly Roots and Lucky Lucciano.

The X-Fakta once owned and operated a meager recording studio in which several underground independent artists had recorded several songs that lead to ep’s or albums. The in-house studio sessions were backed by various producers, musicians and bands. This musical experience was recorded & captured at Hedd Nodd Studios located in north St. Louis in the 27th ward known as Walnut Park from 2003 to 2010. The songs, ep’s and albums were never officially released to the public so it is considered new music. This epic journey is a part of history already written without having exposure to a wide audience at that particular time in mainstream history. Of course plenty of songs and albums were recorded after that 2003-2010 time span but that was the time where Point Blank Entertainment operated out of a fully functional commercial recording studio with a store front and with living quarters upstairs.

Exposure and Opportunity

Point Blank Entertainment (PBE) offers exposure and opportunity. If an artist is unhappy with who is managing them then that artist can outsource PBE who would then promote, market, advertise and distribute the artist(s) music all over the world. These artist that have recorded at PBE’s facility are not officially signed with Point Blank but they have recorded songs and works in  progress to have their music distributed to various media outlets that will reach a world wide audience and special niche markets.

What’s in it for the Artist?

In return the artists’ music will get exposure and gain recognition on several media platforms and distributed through many different music websites, small businesses and popular social websites which in turn would gain an audience that didn’t exist before. The music featured on this page would not even be heard by music fans on the commercial level because these artists are not celebrities and they definitely don’t have unlimited exposure at the top of the entertainment chain. These artists have regular daytime/evening jobs while earning a living with aspirations of getting their music to the next level so they can leave their 9 to 5 and work full time for themselves earning a decent living… Point Blank!

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