Jayali The Great making noise from Providence Rhode Island

One of this week’s top 5 featured underground hiphop artists is Jayali The Great. This hip hop artist is keeping the art form alive with his expressive lyrics and his non-mainstream sounding-like-everybody-else rhyme flow. I checked out his music on Revernation and liked his songs and I especially liked the fact this artist did not use Auto-tune! The featured song is “The Real”. Bigg up to Jayali The Great.

 Jayali The Great’s Bio:

HiGuys LLC is a creative media company formed by Jayali the Great. HiGuys LLC seeks to provide quality presentation and production across all forms of media, from cinematography to music creation. Taking note of the switch from the Industrial Age to the Information Age, HiGuys LLC realizes that the next shift will lead the market to Creative Media. With this in mind, HiGuys LLC is taking the necessary steps to provide a competitive advantage for all clientele involved with the company.

Pioneers of Sound. Producing Culture. HiGuys.

E-mail:[email protected]
Phone: (401)-699-2002

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