Tha X-Fakta's MidSouth epoch and the Return to the MidWest


This is my page featuring songs I recorded from different albums, ep’s and mixtapes from over a period of time from 1996 to 2006. I have been writing and recording songs professionally since 1996. Before 1996, I was deejaying, break dancing, graf writing and performing at special events showcasing the culture of hiphop.  I did write and perform rap songs during this time as well but I wasn’t great at it so I concentrated my efforts on b-boying which I was great at.

Years later, I finally found my passion for writing after I moved to a small town in west Tennessee called Martin. I was enrolled at the University and majored in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism. I don’t know where this writing skill came from but I guess it was always in me buried deep in my subconscious and oh boy I’m glad this writing talent surfaced at the time it did! My songwriting and recording studio sessions became a ritual.

Also at this time, I was an on-air personality at the college radio station called WUTM 90.3FM in which I hosted a weekly 2-hour radio show called “Street Hitz”. This radio show was very popular not only in the town of Martin but also in the surrounding towns and counties as well. And before you know it, I had established a strong fan base who supported me and 90.3FM. I was gratified and very grateful and thankful to my fans who supported me in this endeavor.

The Root of One Language

Language History The history of language is very fascinating especially for somebody like me. ...

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