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Welcome to PointBlank Entertainment, The Underground, where we are all about promoting underground artists and bands while also disseminating news and information to keep you informed about current events. The underground is wide open for unsigned artists to get their songs out there to a wide audience from the local level to establishing a global presence.

Power to the Undaground!

Featured Artists

These artists put in a lot of work and paid some dues to keep their music relevant. Many underground artists and bands perform in showcases and sometimes open up for major recording artists.


Independent reggae at it’s finest on the underground scene. Reggae artists from all throughout the Caribbean and all over the world are showcasing their music and gaining a large fan base due to the globalization of the internet and social media websites.

The Rap Scene

The commercial market is saturated with rappers but that won’t stop the tens of thousands of underground rappers from getting their songs played on social music websites. Competition is stiff but there is something for every rap fan ranging from gangsta rap to trill to drill which are sub genres of rap.


The Root of One Language

Language History The history of language is very fascinating especially for somebody like me. ...

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